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Jules Nadeau – Running Around Austin 40 Years Later


Austin. (20 January) – Back in 1962, a young French Canadian hitchhiker enjoyed some good old Texas hospitality from an Austin family. In fact black and white photographs of this generous family are always with Jules Nadeau – and he is back in town and is determined to hook up with the family so he can properly thank them for their kindness half a century ago. 
Who would have imagined that Jules’ two daughters would later marry Austinites and that he would frequently visit Austin- his new second home?! The Montreal man, now in his sixties, has three grand children and the youngest child was born in Austin last November 1st: young Matéo, a real Texan!

Mr. Nadeau is a journalist and has been writing for Canadian newspapers promoting tourism in Austin and San Antonio – in addition to being an author he is also a consultant in cross-cultural communication and Chinese affairs (his wife was born in Hong Kong.)
Ironically, this Sunday (January 23rd) is a rather special occasion. Mr. Nadeau will be guiding a tour for 37 French Canadian RV enthusiasts now spending 75 days traveling across the US with a stop in Austin, Texas. Working freelance with Austin Overtures Sightseeing Tours, Mr. Nadeau will be showing these visitors the highlights of the live music capital of the world. The former cross-country hitchhiker is determined to show his appreciation for his adopted city, Austin, Texas
The Black and White photos circa 1962 shows Nadeau (with moustache) in a Boy Scout uniform. He and his traveling companions always displayed the sign ”Students, Québec, Canada” when they were on US highways. On August 24th of that year, (as indicated by a blue stamp on the back by Ellison Photo Services), the two of them were returning from a successful summer touring cities all over Mexico. Austin was the single city where a driver offered them home hospitality between Canada and Mexico. Sounds like a great reason to reconnect with those generous Austinites from the early 60’s.

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