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Chekhovian Inspiration for Original New Play “3” Includes Chris Gibson

3 or The Sound of the Great Existential Nothingness runs Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights July 26 – August 17 at the Off Center Theater

Groovy Rusky Play Writter

Anton Chekhov

Last night we opened an original piece of theatre called “3” or “The Sound of the Great Existential Nothingness”, written by Austinite Tim Braun, produced by Austin’s resident Russian theatre company, Breaking String Theatre. This is authentic Austin home- grown theatre, and it’s something any fan of new works will enjoy.

Austin is home to some world-class mainstream theatrical venues, but the heart of Austin’s theater scene for me has always been in it’s alternative and original works. This a great town to develop new work and if you are a fan of cutting edge theater, I’d encourage you to head off the beaten path to the East side’s Off Center venue to check out our production of “3”.

The show took its inspiration from Anton Chekhov’s “Three Sisters” (hence the Russian connection), but playwright Braun merely used that dusty old chestnut as a jumping off place. “3” brings the themes of Chekhov’s classic to the present day, making this piece more accessible to a modern American audience. It’s also more streamlined for a modern attention span. No epic three hour investment here – curtain is at 8 and you are out the door by 9:30 – just in time to jump in to the burgeoning East Austin scene for nightlife.

The sense of fantasy in this play is brought to life by a veritable Who’s Who of award-winning Austin designers. Steve Shirey’s lighting design jumps right out at you from the moment you step in the theater. The smooth lines of Ia Enstera’s set serve the piece with an effortless sense of flow, and at the same time, constriction. The fantasy is further fueled by Buzz Moran’s dynamic sound design and Jamie Urban’s costumes, which are at once creative, hip and evocative. All of these artistic powerhouses are deftly guided by the hand of Breaking String’s Artistic Director, Graham Schmidt.

As a cast member, I am honored to share the stage with some of the most talented actors Austin has to offer (the talent in this town is no joke – expect to be impressed). Jeff Mills, Dawn Youngs, Cami Alys, Gricelda Silva, David Higgins and I endeavor each night to bring this show to life with honest, emotionally connected work.

“3” or “The Sound of the Great Existential Nothingness” runs Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights July 26 – August 17 at the Off Center Theater, 2211 Hidalgo St., Austin, TX 78702, a 5-minute drive from Downtown.

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