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Taco Tourist in Your Own City

The word 'TACO' over top a tortilla

Lets face it, 2020 was a doozie. So much so that we’re just calling the first 4-5 months of 2021 part of 2020. If you’re like me, you are not only ready to move on with the New Year but eager to take steps (both literally and figuratively) out into the world again and move on with life or — gain a taste for the future as we like to say.

Well I’m here for it, so let’s start you off right by exploring some wonderful local taco places to look forward to in Austin, TX in 2021.
Whether you are visiting from out of town or are a local who sticks with “Manchac” instead of “Menchaca,” here is a curated list of 8 of Austin’s finest:


a close up of a person holding a two soft tacos in from of bright green, blue and red out of focus background1. El Primo
2101 S 1st St
Austin, TX 78704
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First up is a small taco truck with an exquisite taste of authenticity. Located off South 1st St. right in front of Once Over Coffee, El Primo has been serving Austinites for about 14 years. They offer tacos, burritos, tortas, and more, and the owner has an awe inspiring memory, so if you go a few times, he will more than likely remember not just your name, but your order too!



a close up of taco with marinated grilled chicken taco with onion, cilantro, queso fresco, and our signature slice of avocado on a homemade corn tortilla.2. Veracruz
111 E Cesar Chavez St
Austin, TX 78701
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Founded by two sisters from Mexico with a passion for cooking, Veracruz has grown into a multi-location Austin staple. Notably known for their migas, they also have every other type of taco under the sun. Definitely worth a visit.




Chicken tacos with green sauce in a styrofoam container with out of focus green grass in the background beyond the table3. Diaz & Son: TRU-Bar-B-Que
1201 Old Bastrop Hwy
Austin, TX 787422
(offers catering across the CTX area)
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Another small food truck with an authentic Austin Tex-Mex flavor. Located in Southeast Austin in the beautiful backyard of Hi Sign Brewing. They offer brisket and chicken tacos, smoked chicken, sliced brisket, and pork loin plates. I had the chicken tacos last time. So good, so juicy. Bring extra wipes!







Discada Tacos with lime and sauce in cardboard dish on wood table with topo chico in the background and green grass below4. Discada
1319 Rosewood Ave
Austin, TX 78702
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Discada cooking, also known as cowboy-wok cooking, is a northern Mexico technique that has been used for generations, and this business has perfected it. They have a food truck located off East 11th St and offer taquitos and street corn. Trust me, the taste they offer is one of a kind and something you don’t want to miss out on.





a box filled with chips and queso with two tacos5. Papalote
2803 S Lamar Blvd
Austin, TX 78704
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Papalote’s slogan is “Fresh & authentic tacos that make you say yum!” and they aren’t wrong. There have been at least five different times when I have awoken (pleasantly) from slumber after eating Papalote, saying, “yum” before I even knew what was going on, and that’s how you know they are legit. Get the green sauce for that spice!




a close up of a plate of tacos and chips with sauce and queso in front of a coal fire6. Tyson’s Tacos
4905 Airport Blvd
Austin, TX 78751
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From their website – “Tyson and Cherry Blankemeyer were happy with their restaurant in Monterrey Mexico. They had three kids, a house in the mountains with a little stream and 74 pecan trees. Then one day the Zetas came and killed the mayor with machetes and all the police quit and the military occupied the city…” As the story goes, Tyson then moved to Austin and opened up shop, and now it is an understatement to call Tysons an Austin staple. How badass can a taco story be? Check em’ out!



Tacos with sauce in a foil wrap with glass bottle coke on a picnic table in front of Grannys Taco truck7. Granny’s tacos
1401 East 7th Street
Austin, TX 78702
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In 2016 Guenajuato native Maria Rios opened a food truck in a repurposed ambulance. Flash forward to today, and they are now located in an Austin fashioned food trailer and holy smokes, they have concocted the best tortillas on the planet. Known for their breakfast tacos and mole, Granny’s is another must visit for any taco lover.





a taco sitting on top of a table with a margarita next to it8. Torchy’s tacos
Multiple Locations
Visit website


What is there to say that hasn’t already about Torchy’s Tacos? They have grown to be the biggest taco place that has come out of Austin since the establishment of Texas. Their slogan is “Damn good tacos” and they do not disappoint. With 75 locations and a crafted “Taco of the Month,’ every month, Torchy’s has earned its place in Austin history, go get you a bite!



Post written by our very own Avery Merrifield and A. Davidson
All images provided by restaurants or pulled from their websites or social profiles. They belong to those businesses.