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Covid Protocol and Policies

As of 08/18/2021

We are taking the following steps to protect the health of our employees and guests:

  1. We are requiring that our guides provide their temperature each day, and they will not be allowed to report to work if ill in any way
  2. We have increased the frequency of our cleanings. We are now fully sanitizing the vehicles after each tour
  3. We are asking passengers to not join us if they currently are ill or if they have had any Covid-19 symptoms with in the last 3 weeks
  4. We will be asking all passengers to make a health declaration stating they’re healthy
  5. We will be using infrared thermometers to check all passenger temperatures before they board the vehicle. We will ask anyone with a fever or high-temperature to please leave the area immediately, and we will contact them about rescheduling at another time
  6. We are requiring that both our guides and and guests wear masks at all times (this includes the time outside the vehicle waiting to board)
  7. Guides will be providing hand sanitizer to each guest as they board the vehicle so that no one is grasping handles or seat belts with unclean hands as they board and get seated
  8. AO Tours Austin staff will perform electrostatic fogging weekly on the vehicles with Aseptic Plus solution.

We reserve the right to reschedule or refuse admittance (without refund) if you can’t comply with requirements 3 through 7.
These requirements must be followed to ensure the safety of our passengers and guides.