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About AO Tours Austin

Who We Are

The incredible team at AO Tours Austin has been providing the best tours in the area since 2003. Our team is made up of the most knowledgeable Austin tour guides in the industry. We know the area and our professional guides are both insightful and entertaining throughout the experience. In addition to Austin, our tour guides have experience providing tours in Central Texas cities like Fredericksburg, Georgetown, San Antonio, and San Marcos. Our team also excels at putting together programs or events. No matter what your needs are for event planning, we look forward to assisting you. Get to know our experts below and see who will be helping you discover Texas like you never have before!

Woman wearing a party mask holding a guitar with stars on the wall behind her

Mary Davidson – Owner & President

Mary was born in India to American parents, where she began experiencing life as a global nomad. She traveled throughout her childhood. She lived in many places before coming to call Austin her home.

She enjoys sharing what Austin has to offer to both visitors and those who live in Austin. Mary explains that, “There is nothing better then to hear stories of the fun someone is having while in Austin. To see the smiles when someone discovers something new that brings them joy.”

Mary devotes a lot of her time to working with local partners to make sure visitors enjoy their visit when they come to Austin. Some of these partners include The Austin Convention and Visitors Bureau, who take promoting Austin as a great destination to the top. Other partners include the Downtown Austin Alliance, Global Austin, and The City of Austin Cultural Arts division.

Man with dark hair sitting next to a frog sculpture

Dow Davidson – Owner & C.O.O. / Quality Assurance Officer

Dow is a 5th generation Texan and Texas history buff, which is why he and Mary decided to develop what is now AO Tours Austin. Dow is a Quality Assurance Engineer and Archaeologist by trade, but he wanted to turn his love for history into a business.

When tours started in 2003, Dow was the first and only tour guide. As the company has grown, Dow has had other behind the scene responsibilities to take care of, but you can catch him giving a tour on a busy Austin day.

a man looking at the camera in a demin jacket

Tyler – Tour Guide & Performer

Tyler was born and raised in the suburbs of Dallas, TX. From the age of six he knew he wanted to work in the film industry. Tyler attended the University of North Texas where he received a BA in Radio, Television, and Film as well as a BA in Spanish. Shortly after graduation he moved to Austin to pursue his dreams of filmmaking.

During the past four years he has worked on a wide variety of projects from indie features to commercials to television shows. His job titles have ranged from Production Assistant, Prop Master, Camera operator; to his most recent venture, Actor. Besides working in film Tyler enjoys Improv, Martial Arts, Traveling, and learning about history. When he is not giving tours Tyler can be found listening to a historical podcast while planning his next trip or rehearsing for his next big audition.

a man looking at the camera

Avery – Tour Guide & Performer

Avery is a Texas native living in Austin for the last 8 years. Between checking out live music, and hanging at the local Barton Springs, his full time passion is rooted in the Arts. He has been working as an actor — appearing in independent + nationally distributed films and commercials — for as long as he has lived in the city. A purveyor of (sometimes successful sometimes not, but the guy tries really hard in like an ‘aw that’s cute you’re trying so hard’ kind of way, so while we can’t give him too much credit — we can still toss him a bone for his efforts) comedy, Avery loves talking to people and learning new things.

a man smiling for the camera in front of AO Tour Austin Bus

Joel – Tour Guide & Performer

Joel has been a fixture in the comedy scene of Austin, TX for almost two decades. He has graced the stages as a standup comedian, improv performer, musical comedian and as a sideshow performer along side world famous ‘The Lizardman‘. Some of his performances have taken him all over the world as well as his own personal vacations. Joel is a lover of comedy, Austin and travel. He is always eager to share his knowledge of the ever changing city of Austin.

Black and white photo close up of a woman who is smiling and looking at the camera

Malina – Tour Guide & Performer

Whether making movies, hosting trivia, or helping run comedy festivals, Malina is definitely the gal you want letting you in on all the fabulous activities Austin has to offer. She’s a former Longhorn, a film connoisseur, a wine, beer, and spirit lover, a foodie through-and-through, and knows the city like the back of her hand. Besides planning play readings with friends, hosting impromptu dinner parties, and zeroing in on the best method for crossing town at rush hour, Malina loves adventuring all around Austin and the Hill Country and can’t wait to show you the best of the best in the capital of Texas!

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Oaklee – Tour Guide & Austin Advocate

Almost born, but definitely raised in beautiful Austin, TX. To me, there is nothing sweeter than hill country air in the morning, nothing cooler than the waters of Barton Springs on a sweltering summer day, and nothing better than the sight of grackles on a wire. And, THAT, is why I am so excited to be the official mascot of the AO Tours team.

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